It all starts here

We found ourselves working to pay our rent. That dream of one-day owning a home seemed so unrealistic. The grind to make more money, to get more stuff, to be happier and more fulfilled, just became a running joke among our friends.

We united with with another couple (close friends) and in a somewhat unconventional manner bought a property in the Okanagan. The property is two and a half acres. So there's room for a tiny house, and that's where we will live. Our friends live in the main house. We'll all grow our own vegetables and enjoy sharing and participating in each others lives. Its a lot different then just striving on your own, for yourself. We now have team mates sharing in our successes.

In the main house we rent a Bed & Breakfast suite. This is another opportunity to share the beauty we are creating with others. And we are building a tiny house as a show home for our #mountainelements business that uses each of our unique skills adding to a collective journey.

It's our goal to live more holistic lives, eat good food, explore the wilderness, and be present for each other. All without grinding away to pay that rent and buy more items.

First our thinking changed, then our hearts, and our actions followed. We are now moving towards a dream we could never have planned for ourselves.

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