Living Large with a Tiny House Floor Plan

Creating the feeling within the space.

Our philosophy for building tiny homes is to integrate the natural elements surrounding us into our living space. We want to see the birds in the trees, feel the sun’s warmth and gaze at night sky while at home.

We’re building a tiny house but we don’t lead tiny lives. We make large meals, create art, need computer workspace and practise yoga in the living room.

This floor plan allows us to experience the natural elements through the open and inviting hangout space while accommodating all our activities.

The kitchen is large and spacious with three large windows; the first one looks out over the kitchen sink and is 4.5’ wide x 5’ high, the second is the feature window beside the dining table at 5.5’ wide by 8’ high and the third is a 3’ x 3’ skylight.

This tiny home has one loft bedroom allowing us to have our dream kitchen with high ceilings. Different from many tiny homes we have opted to have a standard table with drop leaves so we can move it around for different activities, like cooking, art and work.

The out-swing french doors open to the deck and maintain usable (yoga and dance floor) space on the inside of the doors.

The bathroom has a standard 2’ x 2’ window above the toilet and a 4’ wide x 3’ high window beside the bathtub. We’ll be marvelling at the forest scenery from our bubble bath! The bathroom also includes the washer/dryer combo unit and a large clothing and storage closet.

This layout has harmonized the elements surrounding us into our home lives.

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