Size Matters

It's a Tiny House but how tiny should it be?

The first critical decision we had to make was the size of the trailer, particularly the width. The most common dimensions that we came across for trailers tare 8'6 wide and range in length from 20' to 28'. 8'6 is a great width to move easily down the highway as it is road legal maximum width without a permit. The problem with this width is that it leaves 7'6 in width after walls are constructed. Once a seating area is put in place we would be left with 4'6-5' between the couch and the wall. In our circumstance we plan on moving our home very rarely. A $15 permit in British Columbia along with a predetermined road route and predetermined day to move the trailer allows us to increase the width of our trailer to just under 11' feet leaving a very comfortable interior finished dimension of 10' wide. For the length we opted for a 28' bed making the overall trailer 34' long. This length allowed us to section the trailer into 3 roughly equal areas: bathroom/storage with bedroom loft above, living area and kitchen. The size of our trailer and tiny home will not be the easiest to transport but it will make the home have an open and spacious feel.

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